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Eden Art Projects

Eden Art Projects



A small-souled Grinch learns
that the real Christmas doesn’t come from a store.
A miserly old Scrooge learns
that Christmas should be celebrated all year long.
A wooden puppet becomes a real boy when he learns
how to live honestly & heroically.
A rich young orphan uses his wealth to secretly bless others
and becomes a legend of the giving spirit.
His lead flying reindeer learns that being different is really a gift.
A snowman comes to life as kids believe in Him & his magical hat.
A lonely stuffed rabbit learns
that you become real when you are cherished by a child.
A bunch of peanut-size urchins learn
that the real meaning of Christmas is a baby born in a manger
that will change the world and make us real.
In all the fun & fantasies of the season,
may you & your family know the real love of the Son of God,
the Messiah of Israel, born on earth & born in your hearts.


I was actually proud of our president. He rebuked the blame throwers
and lifted up the best our country has to offer– our heroes, our public servants, our democracy, our children. Oh how the banner of honor is easily unfurled in hours of horror.  I call it “a temporary sanity”.  If only such truth & patriotism could continue in real time…  as we see our nation through a child’s eyes.


See John’s latest blog at—- http://pototschnik.blogspot.com/

What? Should Liberty worry? Should America dispair?
Not in the hands of such progressive health care!


Happy Father's Day! What a joy it's been to be the dad of 5 mangificent kids! They taught me more than I taught them, as God was fathering me! Many moons ago, 2 of them drew these toons to illustrate my tune... about the need for devoted dads.

 News: EdenCartoons named in 50 Best Unknown Toons list!!!

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