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A few years ago I got to begin one of my dreams: to illustrate books!…
Hogwash is a collection of offbeat observations on motorcycle madness. Authored by Bryan Duncan, Christian singer-songwriter, producer, humorist & crazy biker. I got to birth “Snoutly”, a wise-cracking, hog-ridin’ hog, & his biker pals. Enjoy the samples.  (Looks like some politicians we know?)
I give it to all my new cycling friends… or strangers! It’s an easy book to read– riding on your hog or sitting on the can. Got some fun vignettes on Bryan’s first experiences into motorcyling. First hog. Fist biker club. Biker churches…
Also the best part is the hilarious Letterman-type Top Ten lists! like…

10 Things Not to Wear on a Motorcycle
(Clown shoes! Superman cape! Kilts!…)

10 Signs that Yer in a Biker Church
(Hubcap offering plates! Pastor got tats! Ushers are packing!…)
10 Qualifications of a Biker Band
(Must play Steppenwolf! No keyboards! Screaming required!…)

But most of all: The cartoon illustrations are just a hoot! At least I hope so!

I think you’ll dig the book. BryanDuncan.com



Born to die and rise again to rescue all who call on Him.
Seasons come and seasons go, but He’s the One we need to know.
Born to love. Oh, what a cost!  From manger bed to fearful cross.
The Son has come, His life to give.  Born to die, that we might live.

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