Race Wars

Where are the peacemakers these days?–
who are walking the streets with hands raised
in desperate prayer & grateful praise
to the One who made & loves every race?…
to the One who shows cops & gangstas His ways,
who can change any soul who trusts & obeys,
who speaks justice & truth in the black & blue haze,
who took the nails in His hands when he took our place,
and can heal our land in His unimaginable Grace!
Whose side is He on as vengeful fires blaze?
Where are the peacemakers these days?

Mad Sam W



10 things to pray for in our immigration crisis? PRAY
1. For Solomon-like wisdom in our leaders to pass & enforce laws fair to illegals & legals!
2. For secure borders, safety for border patrols, border towns & homesteads!
3. For more “lucky” defeats of terror plots & drug traffic (200 cartels operating in US cities!?)
4. For health supplies & helpers in our US slums: the colonias (we thot it’d never happen here)
5. For Earned Entry– a way to earn a green card & become a citizen might be clear & fair.
6. Blanket Amnesty: homes, food, medical, jobs, w/o accountability & taxes would be addressed!
7. The right/honor to be an American citizen would be made attractive by media, govt & the arts!
8. For Awakening: For the real gospel of Jesus to spread in Mexico, Mideast, Arizona, America!
9. For Churches to unite & ignite as beacons & bastions for all refugees yearning to breathe free!
10. That America would continue to be a refuge for all those yearning to breathe free.


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