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Policies not Pigment

Alien Higher Intelligence

10 things to pray for in our immigration crisis? PRAY
1. For Solomon-like wisdom in our leaders to pass & enforce laws fair to illegals & legals!
2. For secure borders, safety for border patrols, border towns & homesteads!
3. For more “lucky” defeats of terror plots & drug traffic (200 cartels operating in US cities!?)
4. For health supplies & helpers in our US slums: the colonias (we thot it’d never happen here)
5. For Earned Entry– a way to earn a green card & become a citizen might be clear & fair.
6. Blanket Amnesty: homes, food, medical, jobs, w/o accountability & taxes would be addressed!
7. The right/honor to be an American citizen would be made attractive by media, govt & the arts!
8. For Awakening: For the real gospel of Jesus to spread in Mexico, Mideast, Arizona, America!
9. For Churches to unite & ignite as beacons & bastions for all refugees yearning to breathe free!
10. That America would continue to be a refuge for all those yearning to breathe free.

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