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Japan Tragedy

Through a child’s eyes…Really?


I was actually proud of our president. He rebuked the blame throwers
and lifted up the best our country has to offer– our heroes, our public servants, our democracy, our children. Oh how the banner of honor is easily unfurled in hours of horror.  I call it “a temporary sanity”.  If only such truth & patriotism could continue in real time…  as we see our nation through a child’s eyes.

Uncle Sam: Revival Prayers


Liberty Hospital- July4th GetWell Card

What? Should Liberty worry? Should America dispair?
Not in the hands of such progressive health care!

Haiti: A Tme to Pray & Help

Ft.Hood Prayers & Questions

Ft.Hood Prayers & Questions

No, such a madman could never escape detection. But was he angry yet safe in our political correction?