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Enjoy the song…

A small-souled Grinch learns
that the real Christmas doesn’t come from a store.
A miserly old Scrooge learns
that Christmas should be celebrated all year long.
A wooden puppet becomes a real boy when he learns
how to live honestly & heroically.
A rich young orphan uses his wealth to secretly bless others
and becomes a legend of the giving spirit.
His lead flying reindeer learns that being different is really a gift.
A snowman comes to life as kids believe in Him & his magical hat.
A lonely stuffed rabbit learns
that you become real when you are cherished by a child.
A bunch of peanut-size urchins learn
that the real meaning of Christmas is a baby born in a manger
that will change the world and make us real.
In all the fun & fantasies of the season,
may you & your family know the real love of the Son of God,
the Messiah of Israel, born on earth & born in your hearts.



When the congress or voters don’t seem to hear:
There’s only one place to go this time of year!


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