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ProChoice Ladies of History?


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  1. Perry Chang says:

    This cartoon is exactly right. People actually say those things. One problem. Women really do have the right and fetus’ aren’t human

    • Cory Lowman says:

      [Women really do have the right and fetus’ aren’t human.]

      Oh, that’s right! I forgot. Up until the fetus is about ready to come out, it is actually a wookie! And then, by magic, the eight-inch trip down the birth canal strips it of all its hair and, again my magic, changes its genetic code to be less Star-Warsy..

  2. Dave Eden says:

    Perry— Neither are you.

  3. Perry Chang says:

    Well, im pretty sure i am. and you cant tell me im not.

  4. Perry Chang says:

    and also, ur a guy, so abortions dont affect u. STAY OUT OF IT!

  5. Dave Eden says:

    I know am, Perry– but what are U, man or woman?
    Sure amazed by how you got this all figured out!!! Let’s see…
    – Fetuses with heartbeats, brainwaves, hands & feet aren’t human?
    – Women should have the right to end a life growing in their wombs?
    – I’m a male, so I dare not care, or even comment about it?
    Point of my toon? It’s easy to see the inhumanity of hanging Blacks, gassing Jews (or beating up gays?)… But preborn infants can’t be seen (except by ultrasound)– So we can treat them as tumors, intruders, THINGS, i.e….unhuman.
    When we make these kind of Life & Death assumptions & demands,
    I’m sure we’re becoming less human… or maybe more godlike.

  6. Perry Chang says:

    just lettin u know, im a girl

  7. Perry Chang says:

    i do admit that at a certain point, abortion is wrong, but not until around the third trimester.

  8. Dave Eden says:

    Ok, sister Perry. Thanks for explaining.
    Yes, I’ll admit that it’d be hard to force others to make a life choice
    & pass total laws against all abortion… like when the embryo is just newly conceived or when it’s from rape or incest. I believe it’s still wrong, but everyone doesn’t look thru the eyes of faith or love.
    As a man, life & truth & human compassion are still my business.
    My wife went thru 3 miscarriages before we had our 4 kids. So I was um… involved.
    And so my wife & I & those we hang with do what we can (even if it’s just a cartoon) to change a few hearts & minds & maybe some laws toward the Merciful Side. Who knows? Maybe there could be a Beethoven or Steve Jobs born (who BTW, were both almost aborted!) Or a Perry Chang!
    2 great flics on this subject?– You might enjoy Juno & Bella.

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