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GayCrusade: Gay Parents?


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  1. Charity says:

    Very interesting. Great points.

  2. Rob says:

    Hah! Yes, such well established logic. Straight people never get divorced, have custody battles, break up their families, or mess up their kids. Everyone has their right to an opinion unless that opinion affects the RIGHTS of other human beings. This is hate not love. I love God, do you?

    • Manuel says:

      Do you really love God, but not his laws…Mat_19:9 And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.
      There is a reason the masonic law system was set up, it creates man’s law which ignores God’s laws, essentially giving license to sin…from abortion, to same sex marriagege, to adultery through divorce. And if two people are not born for eachother, was it really God that united them in the first place? Lust and love are not the same thing. Read God’s law closely, even a person who marries a divorced person (not widowed) commits adultery.

  3. Dave Eden says:

    Rob- Of course heteros are prone to the same human weakness & wickedness. So let’s pile on some homo home breakdowns. Great idea. And I’m a hater cuz I disagree with you & your life-choices? Cuz I’m trampling on your RIGHT to change the very fabric & course of human society? And which god gave you this logic? Not the God who made us male & female, who loves us & sent His Son to be the ransom for our rebellion. He was executed in our place– so we might have the power to do less sinning, not more! This is the greatest love story in the universe. And you call it hate? The God who loves gays, straights & whoever- offers us power to change & live pure & loving lives. Yeah, I love that God. Do you?

  4. DP says:

    Nobody will ever agree on this issue.

  5. Matt Leary says:

    Anyone who says marriage has always been between a man and a woman or that this is redefining human society needs to brush up on their history. Marriage was not excusively between a man and a woman until Christianity became the dominant religion in Rome in the 3rd century. Plenty of societies have historically recognized same-sex relationships and yes even marriages. And despite all the lies, countries and U.S states that legalized same-sex marriage have not become Godless, gay police states. Children are not being taught about gay sex and transgender “confusion”. Interesting sidenote: MA has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country and it has even dropped since 2002. Stop twisting the facts and realize that we all need to live together. The United States is not a Christian theocracy. You all have the right to your opinion and religious expression, but not to make it law.

  6. Dave Eden says:

    Wow, Matt–What history books are reading? What rainbow-colored glasses are you wearing? “Marriage was not excusively between a man & woman til Christianity”? Try Jesus quoting Genesis: “A man shall leave father & mother & cling to his wife!” From the dawn of time, marriage has been the holy, life-giving, child-raising bedrock of civilization! (despite the detours here & there)
    But hey, I can’t convince you of God’s wonder & ways with just a sarcastic cartoon & comments–Only irritate you. But if I could meet you in person, shake your hand, hug you neck, talk eye to eye, bro to bro— you’d see I’ve no hate at all for you. Nor do I want to see you harmed but helped by any laws.
    God loves us and wants to rescue us out of our various forms of lust, hate, rebellion, selfishness, idolatry… to forgive us & make us like Him. That’s why Jesus came. No matter how America stands or falls, I pray you find His theocracy of the heart.

  7. Nicole says:

    You do realize that the Bible was written strictly for a Christian society and that man wrote it? I mean, I can write a book and say “A man shall leave father and mother and cling to his husband” and if it gets popular enough, ignorant people such as yourself (I mean that in the fact that you are clearly just uneducated on matters outside of the Bible) will begin praising it and saying it is the truth and the way things have always been since the beginning of time.
    I am a Christian. I am not saying that the Bible is wrong. But I am saying that 1) you should not spout hateful things (do not judge lest you be judged); 2) putting things like these cartoons up don’t show God’s love or that Christians are loving, it gives a bad name to God and Christians everywhere…why try to irritate if you are “only trying to show God’s love” to people?; 3) you should read up on your Bible more and see how not everything is applicable today (for many reasons) and even you, so high and mighty, do not abide by EVERYTHING in it (meaning you pick and choose what you like out of it); 4) I am a homosexual. God loves me and I prayed for many years to not be homosexual. One night, after battling for so long, I felt the presence of God in a way that I could never describe. In that moment, I knew it was okay. When my grandmother died, I prayed that God might explain to her why I never told her about myself. She came to me in a dream that night accompanied by a holy presence and they both held me as I cried and told me I had no reason to be worried. I was living a good life, I was a good person, and I was happy.
    But hey, I can’t convince you of God’s wonder and ways with just a few comments-only irritate you. I have no hate for you or your stabbing, hurtful cartoons/comments.
    I could debate with you for a lifetime, but it would be like talking to a wall. I’m not sure why I even went to the trouble of writing this, it will only fall on deaf, hypocritical ears (if you want to follow the Bible right down to the letter, I can say with certainty that you are way off already).

  8. Dave Eden says:

    Wow, Nicole– for someone who doesn’t judge or cherry-pick which Bible verses to believe, you are pretty judgmental. Let’s see…I’m ignorant, hypocritical, high & mighty, closed-minded, deaf, a wall & probably a Bible robot. Gee I’m sorry you think I’m all that. You must have been hurt by some of those types.

    And you think you could write a book lifting up sacred wedlock, the ways of God & man, & it could get popular & change millions of lives & inspire souls for thousands of years to live better lives, love beyond themselves & even die for their faith??? OMG! Do it!!! Dear sister, could it be that your lifestyle is steering your faith, rather than vice-verse. Who’s got the wheel?

    Yes, God dearly loves you, Nicole. So much that He sent His only Son to take the punishment for your sins & be murdered in your place! But sorry, that’s just the Bible, written by men. Actually by over 50 different men, over a span of 6000 years, from all walks of life & lifestyles, who had the same encounter with the Living God. But no biggie, might as well read a magazine. Or any old book. You probably don’t need such a Savior.

    So how do you know God loves you? It’s scary how you shrug off ages of Biblical wisdom, & build your whole life on an experience in prayer. That sounds very sweet, & maybe God really was comforting your soul. But…is that where He wants to leave it? Where you want to leave it? End of conversation?

    You’re right, we can’t convince each other. You got your own walls. I don’t mean to irritate, hurt or demean when I poke fun at gays–just get under your skin, get some conversation going & maybe see some truth come out. I’m just some old dude who’s been loved out of my very scary, insane & sinful ways, wanting to pass on not condemnation, but a little of that comfort. But maybe you don’t need it.

    Question: In the end, what book, man, woman, preacher, shrink, authority or personal experience will you bet your life & your eternity on? Ok, you’ve prayed & He’s said: All Is Well. But Nicole, I beg you, I dare you, to seek Him totally, no-holds-barred, gloves off, with an open heart. (Like Lt. Dan screaming at God on the mast of the shrimp boat!) Not hoping for the answer you want to hear. But come open, honest, dead serious to receive the Truth, no matter what it is, even if it means you’re right or wrong. I know God will come running to a heart like that. (Guess how I know…)

  9. Paul says:

    Dave, I will believe that my sexual attraction is a choice, if you tell me that your sexual attraction is a choice (after all, sexual attraction can not be seen)! If your sexual attraction is indeed a choice, then that means that you are sexually attracted to both men, and women. You therefore CHOSE to have sex only with a woman! The possibility therefore exists that you could have have sex with a man – and like it (since it is after all really a choice)?

    When you admit that you are sexually attracted to both sexes, but have chosen to only have sex with a woman, then I will believe that homosexuality (and indeed sexuality) is a choice…. Until then, I will continue to believe that sexuality (like belief) is in fact a great mystery, and we really don’t know why we are attracted to what we are attracted to.

  10. Dave Eden says:

    Heavy question, Paul. Love to dive into it more deeply over a long night of pizza & smoothies. But not possible.

    Neither of us wants to put the fire of God or the wonder of being human in a box. On one hand, I believe we are as a race created with yearnings sexual & spiritual written in our hearts. A longing for a mate, for family, for children, for purpose, for peace, for our Maker. But oh how we screw it up! One of our many detours is the gay trail, that societies experience more as they become prosperous, proud & passive (These were the gateway sins of Sodom, another topic.)

    But is my sex-life choice or chance? Both. We all have different chances & choices. Different sin for different men. One girl has an easy choice to be pure or be used. Another seems to be some kind of nympho! Another is kidnapped into prostitution! Each has a random set of choices. One boy makes the choice to forgive his dominating mom & abusive dad & finds comfort in a girl’s arms. Another boy may find himself bitter & seeking out male comfort. Another may lose himself in his career or become transgender.

    I’ve never been a clepto, but I’ve stolen & repented & got forgiven. Never been a bully, but I’ve hurt people, repented & got forgiven. Others seem to be bent toward anger, alcoholism or addictive personalities. But we each have our own demons to fight. I was wired massively hetero, but in my wild pilgrimage I’ve been tempted by all manor of sexual voices & choices, twisted temptations of hand & heart. So should I lock myself in some kind of trans-bi-confused-crumpled little box? No! I’ve just had to make choices within my battlefield, with God’s bigtime help!

    Just because I had a proclivity toward women doesn’t mean I was meant to feed it any weird way I felt like! Just because you had a proclivity toward men, doesn’t you were meant to feed it! So what, if humanity is basically programmed to be hetero, want kids, build homes, breed, make families, create societies? So most of us don’t make a choice, we submit to a design. But we find creative ways to pervert that.

    So we’re all tempted to twist it various ways. We’re dealt different cards. Could I try the gay card (I’ve had many opportunities) & like it? Maybe. Could I come to enjoy molesting children, living on drugs, shooting people… eating people. Maybe. If given the right circumstances… Who knows how my flesh works!? A molested kid will come to tolerate his abuser (Stockholm Syndrome). Given enough time & loneliness, we could come to enjoy most any substitute for Joy. Like the 1st choking drag on a cigarette, 1st burning drink of alcohol– you get used to it, then dependent on it. But is it good for you? No. But you keep “choosing” it… & maybe begin to believe you were born to!

    So Paul, I totally admit this: that I am hopelesly, fiercely, spiritually attracted to SIN of any kind & would try it, give myself to it & learn to like it–unless God came to rescue this monster of selfishness from destroying himself! Which He did. So…is that choice? No, that’s Grace.

    So the question’s not: Do we have a choice or are we locked into God’s chess game. But: How would He break into our lives to help us play out the cards we’ve been dealt? And how will we know what’s holy, right & real? What’s our North Star, our compass to guide us when our feelings, lusts, experiences & counselors are all over the map? No Paul, you needn’t believe you had a choice of your sexual vehicle; only that you have a choice now… of who’s got the wheel. And that’s your amazing mysterious destiny. And I believe you’ll find it in Jesus’ eyes.

    “We are far more sinful than we’d ever dare to acknowlege.
    And we are far more loved in Christ than we’d ever dare to hope.”
    -CS Lewis

  11. Paul says:

    Please tell me if I am wrong. What I read here is that you are most emphatically “not” sexually attracted to men (I was wired massively hetero). So (and remember you cannot see sexual attraction) what if I am wired massively homo by the creator of the universe? You cannot SEE what I really like, any more then I can see what you really like. Therefore, all we can do is “believe” what the other is telling us.

    Faith in God is really just that… Faith – that there is a maker of the heavens and the earth (which I incidently believe, but that is my faith). What I am reading here, and in my opinion is the whole crux of the issue, is your “judgment”… again, based on YOUR faith (which cannot be seen) that sexuality is NOT a choice, we are created hetero (for the Bible tells me so). Anything that deviates from that Faith is therefore SIN. But, really, this all gets back to your FAITH in what the Bible tells you (I am not criticizing that, just merely stating it).

    As far as my logic is concerned, I happen to believe (my faith) that the Bible is humanity’s understanding of God, at a point in time. It is NOT without error (I can point out many). In the Gospel of John (chapter 1), John says “No one has ever seen God”. For me, John is saying that we believe in God, because of the work’s of Jesus Christ (who is a “glimpse” of God). I read the Bible, as humans have always struggled with the same issues, over our time on earth. You raise the specter of Sin… What is Sin? I have always believed it is something that turns you away from your faith in God…it takes you away from your glaze on the almighty. Jesus was asked what the basis of the law is, and of course he restated the “shema”, to love God with all your being, and added “to love your neighbor as yourself”. On this lays the foundation of ALL the laws (so says Jesus). Therefore, if I do something that causes me to lose my focus to God, my neighbor, or myself, that is a sin. If I cause my neighbor to lose his/her gaze, that is a sin. For me, it makes all logical sense (otherwise, you get down to all the laws in the Old Testament, such as eating pork, eating shellfish, wearing two different types of fabrics as sin… all the stupid things people bring up).

    I do not think that loving another person (who may have the same genitilia) is a sin, because it does not cause you to lose focus on the almighty. It also does not hurt that person, or cause that person to lose focus (I dont think you can make the same argument with multiple partners – ie polygamy – its rife with jealousy between partners, which only hurts those involved).

    Just FYI, I actually came out in the church. I had done ALL the things you were supposed to do as a good Christian, and only through the Grace of God, did I finally come around to embracing who I was created to be. Also, I come from extremely excellent parents (no absent father, no overbearing Mother). My siblings are all heterosexual, and I was raised no differently then they were (we were all raised in the church). I personally go against all these little “theories” that you postulate here for the cause of homosexuality.

    What causes us to be one way or the other? I do not know… I do know what I am attracted to sexually, and I cannot change that (although I did my best through prayer to change it). All I can be is what God created me to be, and be honest about it. I don’t think that God creates junk!

    One other question I have always had, why is this such a big issue? Why do seemingly heterosexual men (its my observation that most of the energy comes from hetero men) care so much? Seems like they would WANT less competition for the female sex…and therefore would want a smaller male competitive pool!

    Would love to know how you spend your Saturdays as well!! That IS the Sabbath, after all (the women didnt annoint Jesus body after his death, as it was the Sabbath). Isnt there a little “10 Commandment” that says you should keep Saturday holy?? Seems like the Bible has more to say on this, then on our particular topic…but that is another story.

  12. Dave Eden says:

    Paul- You’ve come to many conclusions & have many confusions about many things…

    God’s Owner’s Manual? So it’s just man’s thots on God? No, in truth, it’s God’s heart & history given to man. I believe the few minor mistakes can be explained (or maybe they’re left there to dissuade the shallow seeker!) The living God doesn’t hide Himself from the humble, desperate, honest, open heart– but He does from those who’d want to make Him into their own image. God isn’t your idea- You are His idea!

    Why our big fuss over Same Genitalia Desire? What?! As if God’s creating us male & female was a casual whim! As if the very foundation of the human race is a minor detail! As if husbands,wives,dads,moms,children-families are just kind of a roll of the dice for our Maker! No big deal? As if homo-erotic desire, to thrust our genitals anywhere we damn-well-feel, is just another wonderful gift of God for His holy creation! As if same-sex attraction could never, possibly, maybe, just happen to be a Detour, an aberration, in a sex-crazed, self-worshipping society.

    My Sexual Preference? I tried to explain my pilgrimage & but you totally dismissed it! My arena was hetero, yes. But I prefer, I was born to Please Myself: To get off, to be turned on, by any & all ways my beastly bod might demand! I could have & still could, go to any sexual deviance or addiction I might FEEL like! But when I met the real Jesus- He not only forgave my perverted thots & actions, He gave me a heart to turn from my Self Rule, my Idolatry of Sex, my Worship of Women & yeah, my Genitalia! He said: Gimme it all. And hallelujah, He became Savior of my Sex-life! And he gave me the Grace to love one wife & raise 5 cool kids.

    And, brother Paul, I believe when you embrace Him- He will invite you to the same surrender. And love you right out your Tyrannical Libido! Your’s may be a same-sex arena, but it’s the same sin, blindness & idolatry. You’ll have repent of your Worship of Sex, your Orgasmic Idol & the Comfort of Men– instead the Comfort of God’s Spirit. He will demand (& deserves)total ownership of all of you– heart, mind & BOD!

    I know you’ve tried praying, but not like this. My hope for you? That you’d find your knees, open up your heart to your Father who loves you (but does not HAVE to answer you)& beg Him to show you what it means to let Him be Lord of your Sex-life, if He would have mercy on you & take full ownership of your body.

    And He’ll deliver you from trying to be hetero or homo- but just His. And from trying to keep a bunch of rules, lists & laws to please Him. We can’t. We’ve already blown that in spades & deserve Hell. And yet He loves us anyway! Let Him love you to death, Paul. (your body will follow along after…)

    Oh also He’ll show you how HE is your Rest & Sabbath, not Sat or Sun– but All days.

    • nick z says:

      Dave-I am an agnostic atheist, more importantly i am an anti-theist. this means a few things 1) I do not believe in a deity of any kind 2) I am open to “believing in” anything that can be observed, tested and recreated 3) I completely oppose all organized religions, although i find many of them intellectually and philosophically fascinating but they are all myth until proven true. For arguments sake lets assume that the god of the bible does exist, have you ever thought that things feel good for a reason, perhaps this god put pleasures in this world to make it just a little less shitty. why is sexual pleasure so wrong, why is it evil for connecting adults to engage in a deeply intimate, hopefully loving, and often “spiritual” relationship. addressing your “sex-crazed society” comment: homosexuality is not a product of our or any other modern society, or even humanity for that matter. Based on your “casual whim” theory one could argue that homosexuality is not just a mistake but intentional, how could something in so many species, created by god, be wrong or unnatural. Due to the fact that homosexuality is found in different species all throughout nature and because most animals are not fully self-aware and did not fall from grace as did humans this means that animals are still just as god made them and are not born with original sin therefore we can assume that animals are incapable of sin and are pure, according to these two bits of information it is safe to say that homosexuality is not a sin.

      • nick z says:

        *consenting adults*

      • Chris says:

        I love you Nickz. Your cool in my book.

      • Raymond says:

        Your First 6 Days in Hell

        Most vacations include an itinerary. You have an idea what you will see and do before you arrive at your destination. The Bible has enough information to project an itinerary for those whose destination is hell. Let’s look at the first 6 days…

        The trip originates at the gate of death. Since departures are made daily, you are called upon to begin your trip on short notice. Since the journey is only one way, there is no need to concern yourself with return plans. Your initial point of departure may prove more than a little frightening as you suddenly realize the finality of your destination. The trip itself will leave you with little time to contemplate what awaits. As you pass through the doorway of death, you will notice almost immediately that your direction is taking you away from the light toward what appears to be complete and utter darkness. With each passing moment the darkness becomes more intense. At first the absence of light is only annoying, but you feel it becoming more ominous and threatening. The intensity of the darkness is matched only by the absence of any joyful sounds —no music, no laughter, no sounds of merriment. As you move farther, faint sounds of moaning and wailing become detectable. They seem to be coming through the darkness from every direction. You become aware of a faint light. It flickers like a flame, yet thick clouds of black smoke dance all around it, keeping the flame from casting off any real hope of light. Suddenly you find yourself obsessed to know what day and hour it is. Already it feels like you’ve been here for an eternity…and it’s only Day 1.

        The continuing darkness is stifling. It’s as if something is lurking in the veil of night that surrounds you. You yell, you threaten, you even plead, but to no avail. Whatever it is just stays there, producing fear like you’ve never known before. As your eyes struggle to adjust to the dark, you become aware of a new sensation. The heat. It’s right at the edge of unbearable. Hot, searing, intolerable heat. You crave water. You’d give anything for a drink, and you try unsuccessfully to push that desire out of your mind. The air is thick, choking, miserable…and it’s just Day 2.

        At least you think it’s day 3. It seems as if it has already been forever. You’ve not been able to sleep. You still can’t believe you’re here. Where are the friends you thought you would see? The knowledge that they would be here too had brought you some comfort in your lifetime. Where is the fun you thought you would have? It isn’t at all like what you were led to believe. You stumble upon a group of others. You pour out a litany of questions. As they open their mouths, no words come out…only the sounds of weeping and wailing. Some in the group don’t even try to respond. They gnash their teeth, as if in some invisible pain. You wonder when this nightmare will end. You wonder why somebody can’t make it stop…and it’s only Day 3.

        How you wish you could send a message to those you left behind. You’d warn them about this place. You’d tell them what it’s really like, so they’d never come. The thought of your loved ones coming to a place like this is unbearable. You can’t help but think back upon that day when you made your decision to come here. You understood that your rejection of Jesus meant that you would spend eternity in hell, but it didn’t seem real or important then. Looking back, you think how foolish you were to reject God’s offer of salvation. You wish you could choose again. You find yourself hoping that your loved ones will choose differently, even though you realize such a choice means you’ll never see them again…never touch them…never speak to them. What a horrible realization…and it’s only Day 4.

        You’ve become acutely aware of the absence of any good in this place. There’s nothing sacred, nothing holy, nothing of God anywhere to be found. You’re amazed at how evil evil can be. For the first time since your arrival, you begin to sense the great gulf that is fixed between where you are and where God is. The span is beyond your comprehension as you try to realize the degree of distance that will separate you from God and those who chose to serve Him. God is on the other side of that gulf. Loved ones in Christ are on the other side of that gulf. What a lonely realization… and it’s only Day 5.

        Through the darkness you saw a new face today. A new arrival. He stopped to speak with you. You could see the terror in his eyes. He asked questions that you had been asking only days before. You opened your mouth to reply, but all that would come out was the sound of weeping and wailing.

        You’ve just spent your first 6 days in hell. Unfortunately, an unholy, unhappy eternity stretches out before you…and all because you rejected Jesus. If only…. But wait! The fact you’re reading this says you still have a chance! In His mercy, God is giving you an opportunity right now to change your eternal itinerary. “Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Acts 2:21). Oh, friend, do it now…before it’s too late.

  13. RainbowDashTrash says:

    These concerns aren’t inherent to gay marriage rather gay couple child adoption. “Domestic chaos, Multi-home children, Parental confusion, fatherless children, custody battles, parenthood redefined, societal erosion, and gender confusion” would have already happend as gays have been able to adopt children for years and yet we still don’t see any of these harrowing, society-destroying, apocalyptic, terror that this comic would seem to suggest would be happening by now (which it hasn’t). Gay marriage is a idealistic battle the only real side affects you can gleam are “Marriage destroyed, Gay divorce epidemics, and legal chaos.” Now if you look to countries that have legalized gay marriage (or as they say in those countries ‘marriage'” they are not in total legal, social, and political chaos. These arguments are completely moot and you still have no reason other than your thousand year old prejudices as a reason to deny loving couples the right to marry one another.

  14. Chris says:

    Shame on all of you. Living in hate. Interpreting gods infinite plan. God is the absolute perfect manifestation of love. All people have a creator given right to love. This is apparent in all nature. Look at the or recorded 1,500+ other species (known to date) of life on the planet that are practicing “homosexual”behavior. God created nature and god is nature is god not?. Humanity forgets that we are nature too. We all have god living inside of us if we choose to be with our creator. Before being self richeous and passing your judgement consider this. Gay people don’t make gay people. Straight people do. But really is there any such thing as straight? No there’s love and not love. You are not a single organism folks. You are a multitude of living cells put together by a perfect design working in unison for hopefully gods plan. How do you question what our creators intent is? Maybe it’s to remind all humanity to love one another? To love thynself? To love thyn parents? (By the way if it was not natural to love the same sex then how is it possible to love both parents out of the womb? You would in essence only love the opposite sex of yourself.) All creation is bisexual at different degrees. Some intities choose to be truthful to themselves and some do not. Or they don’t have that capability to because of focusing on negativity and not positivity. Hate is gods reminder to know what love is and distinguish true love. After all even in Christianity god is infinite. He has powers to rid the world of the devil. Have you ever asked why he keeps him around? Perhaps light can not exist without darkness. How do you know love without having hate? I could go on and on for hours about these things. Evaluate what the basis of all religion on this small planet of life is “The Golden Rule”. Maybe then your perspective will start to grow. After all. Isn’t all of the negative on earth dirivity of not knowing 100% the other perspective? Grow up humanity. Otherwise we will end up parishing. It’s not the end. It’s a new chapter. The good books didn’t stop getting written. They are happening now. Understand the perspective. I leave you all with the thought process you should all embrace. Be like our creator “think in the mindset of love”.
    God bless you all. I leave you in love.

  15. Dave Eden says:

    Oh what an enlightening gospel thou bringest to us, oh wise prophet. What an astounding universe thou hast created. For in thy holy words we read—

    – In the beginning God created all creatures bi-sexual. Only the honest entities embrace this
    marvelous reality. (The rest are just repressive & couple up & create children & families.)

    – There’s no such thing as straight or gay: Only love. (No matter with who or when or how?)
    God allows hate, darkness & the devil to exist– so we can appreciate love. (without truth?)

    – We must have all been born gay: because we so love, cherish & need our moms & dads?!
    (Not that we might learn to respect & reflect the virtue of both sexes— Platonically!!)

    -1500 gay species?! Most specious! But let’s believe this fantasy– & all be like the animals!
    (they also eat their young & their mates!) Try this— http://narth.com/docs/animalmyth.html

    – Yeah, keep on going & explaining it all to us for hours, Chris, if it makes you feel righteous.
    Or… you might spend a few of those hours with a Bible, maybe on your knees, begging the
    Real God to show you Himself, your sins, His only Son Jesus… & what real love is.

  16. Bill says:

    You always love the person, but it doesn’t mean you love their sin. Enough said.

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