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GayCrusade: New Scout Badges?

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  1. Natalee says:

    Hi, I am a student at Utah State and am doing a group project on editorial cartoons specifically on same sex marriage. I was thinking of using this cartoon. Could you reply with some deeper meaning into what you were meaning by making the badges different than traditional. My first thought is that it was mocking gays in general by using the assumption that if we accept the gays and change marriage for them, what else will change. Was this the meaning? Was the intent meant to be for or against or neutral? I would greatly appreciate a response.

  2. Dave Eden says:

    Yep, Natalie– You pretty much caught the vision. It’s a comic but tragic take on how the Gay mentality can permeate everything in a culture, even a traditional group like the Boy Scouts. How would the Gay Scouts celebrate & reward their values? Some are gay stereotypes (decor & latrines), some are gay politics (protests & civil rights) & some are gay goals (biblical & legal).

    That’s why I’ve done a whole series called “The Gay Crusade”. Many homosexuals just want to enjoy their same-sex addiction in peace. But activist homosexuals want to change the military, society, psychology, even theology– to justify their unnatural perversion.

    My motive for this or the other toons– is to tweak the noses of the know-it-all, self-righteous gays who pretend their chosen lifestyle is genetic or natural or holy. I don’t want to disrespect or belittle my fellow humans who struggle with sins like me, but lift up the way of freedom in Jesus out of all our destructive ways.

    • M. Wilson says:

      There is no such thing as a gay mentality. That would required that every gay person be the same person or that every gay person be the same and think alike. Both are mathematically impossible. Are you going to tell us that all str8 people are the same too. So all str88 people are racists and pedophiles? Your need to guess about strangers does not mean that you have the right to control them.

      • Dave Eden says:

        Thanks for your input, M. 1st, I’m not guessing, but observing. 2nd, they aren’t strangers; some are friends, all are my bros & sisters who struggle with choices & voices like me. 3rd, I don’t want to control anyone, but help others find the path of freedom, self-control & love that I’m learning as I give control of my life to the Lover of my soul.

        But look at your own comment. You talk of gays & straights too! Obviously there is a gay mentality or outlook or worldview, i.e. An acceptance of all things gay, like looking thru rainbow-colored glasses. And straights don’t believe that way, so they look thru their own, sometimes bigoted & self-righteous, glasses.

        But you’re right, all gays & straights are individuals & unique & loved, in God’s eyes (thru Heaven’s glasses!). And yet we all gravitate to certain packs, or tribes or communities or mentalities. There are gay & straight racists, pedophiles, militants, religionists, bullies, servants, haters & lovers. We each try to fill our physical & spiritual needs in different ways, & then try to love or reject or control others in different ways.
        Finally, when you ask: “Are you trying to tell US…?” — Who’s the US? You & the gay community? NO, I’m not talking to some group, but hopefully to any one individual who just who might be hurt or hungry or lonely enough to maybe start looking at their lives thru new glasses…. God bless you, friend.

  3. Natalee says:

    Your answer made a lot of sense. Thanks! I believe the same as you on the issue. Treating each as a child of God is greatly important. We all sin. We will keep sinning as we keep believing we are not sinning. Jesus didn’t say it would be easy, but he did say it would be worth it! Thanks again!

  4. Your mom says:

    You’re fucking stupid.

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