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GayCrusade: Day of the Gay


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  1. MintyKiwi ! says:

    I consider this to be slightly offensive.

  2. Dave Eden says:

    Sorry you feel that way. Glad it’s only slightly. Which means you might be open to both views. And my poem tries to echo both sides: of celebration & revulsion. Tho as a rescued drug, sex & selfishness prodigal, I now come down on the Jesus side.

    With such a core-felt issue- it’s so easy to alienate the opposition. Many find the mandating of same-sex, unholy wedlock not only slightly but horrendously offensive. Others see absolutely no difference in sexual preferences. All sex is good sex, with anyone, anytime, anywhere I please! Except maybe child-molesting, rape, maybe not incest! And marriage is whatever you feel like! So they have demanded & commanded their new rules & new rights!

    BTW, I bet you big money that you never even considered reading the scriptures I gave.
    Praying for wise, understanding, inspiring voices to be raised up…

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