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The Real War on Women


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  1. will says:

    This is the best cartoon I’ve seen in awhile – rather hilarious, and yet there is the remarkable sad truth you are communicating.
    How about a follow-up panel where the MC mistakenly announces the wrong winner … Would he or the runner-up be beheaded?
    Yes, rather gruesome, but Islam certainly has some gruesome practices.

    PS Your comment about Wayne Stayskal introduced me to you. Wayne is likely my all time favorite political cartoonist, tho his humor certainly went beyond politics. The 1st cartoon of his I ever remember seeing was his, “Hey! How come we get chicken and they got steak? !” slide from 1980.
    I read that he retired in 2005 at the age of 84; don’t know if he’s still living, but he is also a believer, so we’ll get to worship w/ him one day! Blessings.

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