Enjoyed this inspiring tune. Great performers, beautiful production. But it stalled out & faded b/c it was too religious & patriotic for some, too secular & nebulous for others.
Producer Norman Lear (People for the American Way) explained his vision with references to sacred honor, American values & the Bible. But it wasn’t clear what he meant by these. So his song had a gospel feel, down home, blue collar images & patriotic words— but seemed secular at it’s heart. And a secular patriotism just didn’t fly back then… or now.
No moral issues mentioned. (except for slimy politicians & fat cats). No active soldiers involved or praised (except for reference to military service). No mention of God (except for referencing the Bible). No praise to the Creator, who endows us with the inalienable freedoms & honorable virtues that made America the world’s most envious experiment in self-government.
So some will lionize America: “Love it or leave it!”  Some will idolize America: “My nanny, my sugar-daddy!” Some will demonize America: “The Oppressor, the War-monger!” And some will pray for America: “God, judge us & awake us again…& pour Your grace on us!”