Compassion for the refugee? The death of our democracy? Only in a bountiful, big-hearted, now socialististic nation could such a nightmare develop!  ‘Ay, Caramba!  God help us, as we pray for:
1. For Solomon-like wisdom in our leaders to pass & enforce laws fair to illegals & legals!
2. For secure borders, safety for border patrols, border towns & homesteads!
3. For more “lucky” defeats of terror cells & drug cartels right in the US!!
4. For health supplies & helpers in our US slums… inhuman colonias
5. For a clear way of Earned Entry– to earn a green card & become a responsible citizen..    
6. For an Amnesty w/ Accountability (home, food, med, job, school?) to be found.
7. The right & honor to be an American citizen would be exalted by the media!
8. For a spiritual Awakening- the Gospel to explode in America, Mexico, the Mideast… & in me!
9. For Churches to ignite & unite as beacons & bastions for all refugees, in body or soul!
10. That America would still be a Refuge for all those yearning to breathe free.