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David John Eden 
Link to: EdenPoliticalCartoons.com

I think, therefore I toon.

David Eden lives in the Dallas area, married to Diane & is a father of five.
A self-employed muralist, his full time biz is Eden Signs & Murals.
He’s been cartooning since childhood, but in his part-time latter years has launched this political/spiritual cartoon blog.

He was born in New Lenox, IL and studied art at Illinois State University.
He’s been a college hoopster, a radical hippie, a rock drummer, a billboard painter, a prison Bible teacher, a pastor & kid’s pastor. He’s also a published author & songwriter and a children’s Bible teacher.

Dave grew up laughing & drawing. As a kid, he loved copying the Sunday funnies. His faves were Alley Oop, Lil’ Abner & Beetle Bailey. Dave’s simple cartooning style reflects the influence of lifelong fave, Charles Shultz’s (Peanuts). Later tastes include now extinct Calvin & Hobbs, Farside & BC. His values & observations reflect his deep Christian faith & a conservative worldview.  Fave political cartoonist: Michael Ramirez.

“Most of today’s agonizing political and spiritual conflicts are no laughing matter, but more a cause for tears and prayer. But if we could see the lighter side – of our own views and of our opponents, with good cheer, it might spark deeper understanding and honest debate.” -David Eden


Press Release: (retro)

Dallas, TX ; On October 22, 2008 David Eden launched his political cartoon blog. Dave’s satire is sometimes controversial, but he hopes conversational, in the rich tradition of the American cartoonist. He posts new cartoon weekly. His goals are to inspire some visitor’s comments, be some ammo for other like-minds and have some impact in the culture.

Mr. Eden’s cartoons have appeared in local papers and several news sites such as The Dallas Morning News, The Wylie News, The Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, OneNewsNow.com, Christian Action League, Allright Magazine and others.

In response to the cancellation of one of his cartoons, Dave observes: “We live in a culture that has devolved into such political correctness & animosity that we can’t even exchange some satirical debate. If good-natured satire get buried under intolerant hostility– then honest, open debate, and maybe even democracy, will decay and die.”

This, in part, is what inspired Dave to launch his own cartoon blog, where he would have the freedom to share his own opinions and to interact with readers, both friends and “foes”. Whether discussing the family, the media, the culture, politics or religion– sparks from the cartoonist and readers should prove to be enlightening and incendiary.

Dave also reflects: “Maybe I shouldn’t be as bombastic in my portrayals. You can create too adversarial a climate- that quenches debate. But neither should we be too timid- that shelters people from any kind of challenge or growth. You walk the line. Someone might actually change– if there was some pointed but friendly conversation going on.”

And so, let the toons and talk flourish…!