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Liberty Hospital- July4th GetWell Card

What? Should Liberty worry? Should America dispair?
Not in the hands of such progressive health care!

Our Alienation?

Compassion for the refugee? The death of our democracy? Only in a bountiful, big-hearted, now socialististic nation could such a nightmare develop!  ‘Ay, Caramba!  God help us, as we pray for:
1. For Solomon-like wisdom in our leaders to pass & enforce laws fair to illegals & legals!
2. For secure borders, safety for border patrols, border towns & homesteads!
3. For more “lucky” defeats of terror cells & drug cartels right in the US!!
4. For health supplies & helpers in our US slums… inhuman colonias
5. For a clear way of Earned Entry– to earn a green card & become a responsible citizen..    
6. For an Amnesty w/ Accountability (home, food, med, job, school?) to be found.
7. The right & honor to be an American citizen would be exalted by the media!
8. For a spiritual Awakening- the Gospel to explode in America, Mexico, the Mideast… & in me!
9. For Churches to ignite & unite as beacons & bastions for all refugees, in body or soul!
10. That America would still be a Refuge for all those yearning to breathe free.