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Lady Lefty’s Lethal Illusion


No-Trump Train to Tyranny

mcmirror-2016wNever ever thought one of my favorite presidential candidates, war heroes & Americans was so holy & high-minded as to give away his nation over a flawed character issue. Dr Ben, Rudy, Newt, Huck & many vets seem to think otherwise.

You’re wrong, Sen. McCain: you ARE voting for Bill Clinton’s lewdness enabler, Obama’s dishonest successor, a corrupt Commander in Chief & a socialist Supreme Court.

Or maybe you respect liberal politics a little more than we all thought. Your righteous indignation only looks heroic on the outside. I pray you rethink your choice of flawed candidates more wisely. What will you tell your grandchildren?

Hitler’s Secret

Liberty Hospital- July4th GetWell Card

What? Should Liberty worry? Should America dispair?
Not in the hands of such progressive health care!

Counting the Cost of Liberty


We are eternally grateful to those who paid the cost
so  that our values & freedoms would never be lost.
“Don’t let our sacrifices be in vain.”

If Leftists had been Leading…